18 blokes demonstrate their favourite wanking techniques

THE BIG COCKAMOS : grab the shaft and run ur hand down to the bottom then rapidly trust ur hand to the top of the helmet repeat and squeeze ur balls gently then alternate to hard while thrusting ur hand from the bottom of the shaft to the top. 2 shirts : i lay 2 shirts top of each other and fold them twice, rap it around my cock and slowly with a light grip slide either the shirt up and down my cock or slide my hand up and down on the shirt, either way it feels amazing. Briscoe

THE PALM SWIRL: Use your open palm to swirl around the head, the way your tongue would lick an ice cream cone. This sensitizes the head, and will make it get larger and turn (even more) red. Try reversing direction for a surprise.

CIRCULAR HEAD RUB : As you hold your extremley hard and throbing cock in one hand, take your other hand and gentley rub the head in a circular motion with your other hand. I am doing it now and i am just about to blow …… Oh yeah, holy fuck that feels so good! Mat

THE AGAINST THE TABLE : Slowly build yourself up to an erection and then stop. Then slowly build yourself up again then stop. Then line yourself up with a table. Take which ever hand is not your wanking hand and use it to press it against the table (this feels really good if you put lube on the flat surface) Rub your hard one with your left and ad slide it back and forth against the table at the same time. This feels amazing! Timmy

THE SO BIG : Bring your right (well-lubricated hand) down over your fatening cock.then use the other hand to caress and lightly annoy your balls. Tighten around the base of your cock. If both hands fit along the length of the shaft, move then together, up and down, in the typical pumping motion. Hold the shaft really tight, push your fingers in deep circular motions deeply into your cock. If you’ve got a really fat cock

STIRRING THE CUP OF TEA : Can only be done uncut. Shift the skin of your cock upward so there’s a good amount of it above your knob end, almost like the neck of a balloon. Either with lube or pre-cum, put one finger into the mass of skin and wind it round and round the bell. Can be done solo or by someone else for you. Takes ages. A release of watery cum or piss helps boost the liquid around your knob end now and again. As your finger winds round and round you’ll feel one particular part of your glans or bell giving you immense pleasure. Find it Moist


THUMB THE CENTRAL VEIN : Holding your hard cock place your two thumbs on your central vein of your beautiful members! This will play with the blood in the penis. It is a good wank. Also play with your crown of the glans, bottom of bell, it feels amazing! Such a shame you run out of hand! I love guys! Viva la cock! (Nick)

THE RING THE KNOB : i use 2 fingers ,the thumb and forefinger to ring the knob without lube and with the second hand i stretch my balls down urkane

THE HANK: I use my left hand and lube, start with your hand underneath the bell and full grip then drag your hand over it so your pinky is now touching your bell bottom and your thumb pointing towarda your balls, reverse and cunt-inue till u cum it’s so nice (hank)

THE PALM OF YOUR HAND STROKE : lubeurhand up and ruburballs all over. then using the palm of your hand stroke the back side of your shaft fromurballs to your bell. then go over and run down the top side ofurshaft. carry pm until you get a HUGE orgasm! yum wanka

THE HEAD SQUEEZE : try holding the head of your cock with your right hand, the bottom of the bell should rest on your pointer or middle finger, while the thumb is resting across the top of the cock head. squeeze and jerk in a circular motion, it feels mad good!!! (matt)

POLISHING NOB : while i am wanking, if i flex my inner thighs and focus on me arse, while thinking about taking a nice guy, some times my whole body lets rip, like great fits of the body… an may shoot meself in the face LOL this happens less, when thinking of a nice hairyarsed guy and polishing me juicy nob a little, but can be just as poweful an enjoyable (Bushman)

THE CHIN RUB : Get your cock erect and lube it up. Take your hand and with an open palm, rub the bottom side of the head of the penis. Best when you start slow and then speed up toward the end. If uncut, pull the skin back with the other hand and hold it back will rubbing (Chin Rub)

THE cha(V) : Make a (v) shape with the fingers of yor your left hand. Now push down hard against his thickening lingam down to the base. Then lift your hands up and down. cunt-inue in this manner for a while, with constant gentle pulling of the skin around the balls with your right hand.

4 the well-foreskinned : You get yourself nice and erect then with one hand around the shaft raise the skin forward over the knobend to cover it. Push a well-lubed index finger down the foreskin and rub the helmet. The best area is the frenulum at the underside of the glans and the best stimulation is from a rapid jabbing up and down of the finger and you can swipe the finger round the ridge of the helmet now and then. It’s quite novel (Amar)

THE JACOB MCMANUS : While wanking as usual, I like to use both of my hands one on top of the other so that my whole dick is getting attention and then as im about to cum i stop and then, using the palm of my hand, massage the head of my dick until its unbearable and i wank fast and cum all over the place (Jacob McManus)

THE SKIN OF YOUR SACK : Get your ball sack nice and warm so it stretches out a bit, then grab the skin of your sack, pull it back and try and stuff some of it into your ass. Then squeeze your ass cheeks together tight with the skin of your balls stuck in there, grab your cock, and wank away. Chuck

EACH DOWNWARD STROKE : I love to masturbate lying on my back with my balls resting on my thighs. With my thumb and forefingers encircling my penis I run my hand up and down the shaft. My trailing little finger strokes my balls with each downward stroke. Meanwhile the thumb and forefinger of my left hand tweaks my erect nipples to add another delicious sensation to those in my penis. Sometimes, I swap hands. Because I don?t masturbate very often with my left hand, when I do so it feels as if another man is playing with my penis which arouses me even (Sandy)

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