Hi Seb. I’m 67 years young, and love masturbation. I’m on your HaPenis Project meetup group mailing list , but it’s impractical for me to join your online sessions or meet you in person, because of my location and working hours.  However, visiting your website made me think that it would be okay to write to you to ask you for help.

I am looking for someone who knows anything about the mysterious effects of poppers. I have used poppers on and off since my 20s, but as I have become older I find myself reaching for the little bottle every time I masturbate; in fact I’d say they have become an essential aid to my solo sessions. (Sometimes i might also smoke a little pot as well, though that seems less important than the poppers.) Interestingly, I find inhaling poppers when NOT sexually aroused to be a rather unpleasant experience, yet when I am already sexually aroused, a hit seems to open a door to a powerful orgiastic world of creativity, inner visions and a transcendent eroticism. This is very much a solo experience, which takes place entirely within my own psyche. I have found that if I use poppers in partnered sex they seem to take me further away from the partner,  i.e. in the opposite direction to that in which I wish to be traveling… though perhaps I have simply not found the right partner. However, when alone the experience takes me very deep, to unexpected places, and for now I should say the poppers are my partner. It’s almost as if there is another intelligence waiting on the other side, which can only be reached via the combination of COCK and poppers. I have searched repeatedly online for some explanation or further exploration of this phenomenon, but can find nothing. Therefore I’m reaching out to you because you are clearly very experienced and may have your own useful and educated insight to offer. A broader question would be whether the altered states of consciousness that some drugs (in this case amyl nitrite or its derivatives) provide can legitimately be called ‘tantra’. Hoping this subject will be of interest to you, and looking forward to what you might have to say, Best wishes, Andy.

Hello Andy, great to hear from you. The online events are static exhibitions, so you can view them at your leisure. There is quite a lot of research about pot and it’s Transcendent Eroticism effect. Indeed some American therapists are now offering Cannabis Sessions to their clients, But i don’t think there has been any research in relation to poppers. I think many men find from masturbation, pleasure and sexual highs that they never get anywhere near while have sex with someone else. Sex with some one else I think is more like an intimate performance, while solosex is just gorgeously indulgent. There is less pressure, to “perform”, so you are more relaxed and your body starts to release more endorphins. Taking poppers causes your veins and arteries to dilate resulting in the blood flowing faster through the heart and the brain. In tantra the heart chakra represents loving oneself, while the brain would represent “connection to the “spiritual world”. In relation to your broader question about the altered states of consciousness that amyl nitrite provides can legitimately be called ‘tantra’. I would say it should be the very essence of “Andy’s Tantra”. I would be very interested in hearing from other men and their experiences, please leave a comment below.

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5 thoughts on “Transcendental Poppers?

  1. Poppers give me a bad headache instantly. I’ve never had a good experience with them. Maybe I’m doing it wrong or maybe I bought bad poppers. Any advice would be appreciated

  2. Never tried it, but would be reluctant because of all the harmful effects of poppers of which I’ve read.

    1. I was obviously concerned about this so I spoke to a doctor with a lot of experience around substances and harm reduction, and he assured me that despite rumour and hearsay there is no actual scientific evidence that poppers are harmful in the longterm. In fact, he added, that of all recreational drugs, poppers would be the least harmful because their volatility means that they only stay a very short time in the system. However… it is well known that it is dangerous to combine them with medications such as Viagra or Cialis etc, because the combination can cause a fatal drop in blood pressure, so one should avoid that! -Andrew

  3. Sometimes I roll my head back,, close my eyes and it is almost like I go completely within myself focusing on all the pleasure zones being hit and activated and wanting more

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