to remove the foreskin

I don’t see any reason to remove the foreskin, and hygiene is the worst of them… we have crap in our noses, and then let’s remove the nostrils! That way, we can breathe clearly and no need no. Our lips are also extra skin, let’s remove them! We might decrease saliva and food residue in there! On and let’s remove our eyelids, they are also flaps of skin that are always wet on the inside, that’s very unhygienic…

I am a Christian in the Arab world and my father is the gyno who delivered me, and he staunchly objected to any suggestion of circumcising me… and THANK GOD for that. My foreskin covers all my cock head, any my cock is really big, long and VERY fat…I LOVE it when it goes so tight around my cock head when I go erect before it so easily slides backwards and my frenulum goes ELECTRIC with pleasure.

And my cock head starts charging with all types of pleasure sensations. My foreskin makes masturbating solo easy, keeps my dick head moist and smooth and well-protected, and above all, it is one of the most essential pleasure centers during sex. My bf’s obsession is chewing on it or teasing the frenulum with his teeth before he laps his tongue under it, rolls my skin so that his tongue gets sandwiched between the underside of cock head and the skin and takes it all into his mouth… I almost faint, it feels like a thousand volts of electric power are shooting through my body…As for keeping it clean, I wash it every morning and every night before my sleep, just like brushing the teeth… so people can drop the crap about hygiene. And as for religion, with all respect, I don’t how God or anyone’s way of life is related to a piece of skin on one’s dick… ABSURD. Those were ancient beliefs and nowadays, one should see what is scientifically better and simply, healthier. Anon

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