tightly encased

We are taught as men to wear very tight underwear and jeans or pants that hide our cock and bollocks. A study conducted by *Dr Rima Dada has revealed that the sperm count of a normal adult male in India, which used to be 60 million per ml around 30 years ago, has plunged to a third of that count — to around 20 million per ml. And this relatively swift decline in sperm count is being linked to habits which expose the scrotum to higher-than-normal temperatures.


The 10-year-long study, questioned 1,000 men from north India and found that lifestyle factors like tight clothing, hot tub dips and long visits to the sauna, pesticide exposure due to intensive gardening or farming as well as increased obesity rates were major causes for decreasing sperm count. Dada said, “Tight-fit denim trousers result in tightly encased groins, causing the testicles to be pressed back into the warmth of the body. Obesity is also a major factor for this decrease in sperm production. Sudden weight gain leads to increase in abdominal fat, which causes high testicular temperature.” Stress is another factor that lowers the sperm count, she said. An earlier State University of New York study showed how laptops damage fertility. Laptops reached internal operating temperatures of over 70 degrees C and because they are frequently positioned close to the scrotum, the user sits with his thighs close together. This, too, traps the scrotum between the thighs. Commenting on the research, self appointed sex guru, Seb Cox said, “I encourage all men to put on a nice fat cock ring, some light orange colour shorts go for a good walk, dangling their bulge ap and down their local High Street, with a great sense of pride. That’s not just good for their sperm count, it’s good for their souls”.

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