100% straight

I have enjoyed reading your website. Like many, I guess, I sit somewhere along the spectrum of gay/straight which is neither one nor the other. That said, to every outward observer I am pretty well 100% straight. But curious to say the very least. I would like to try to achieve the anal orgasm, and while I have no objection to some form of insertion I really don’t like the idea of it being a penis! Can you show me how to get it right? and, if so, where are you in London and how do we take it from here? Best wishes

Hello, In relation to  I can certainly point you in the right direction. I am convinced the best way to experience anal pleasures, is not with a cock in your arse, butt rather my gently loving touch. Having a cock in your arse is more about a feeling of “fullness”, it’s more of a psychosomatic thing. I can show you the skills you need to be able to relax your arse. How you choose to use these skills, is entirely up to you. I totally respect your limits. I am based in Central  London. 

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