the art of cock docking

There is nothing on this earth as erotic and exciting as the art of cock docking with another man. Jim Hudson explains. 

I love cock docking. Lubed up boners, drooling both with their own pre-cum, heads engorged with blood to the point that the old-fashioned looking fireman’s helmet shaped pink-purple colored heads appear to have little pimples all over them in anticipation. One of you tweaks the others nips. A soft moan goes out. You place the head of your boner underneath your manboners boner. You’ve already retracted his foreskin back. He’s a lucky lad – it’s long, soft, very stretched out and could fit a tank under it. You pull it forward over both heads and anchor it to the middle of the shaft of your boner with your fingers. He then takes both penis heads in hand and slowly twirls each of them over and around each other underneath that wet, slippery, warm and incredibly exciting foreskin as you both release your loads of spurts of cum , shaking and shivering with joy and pleasure as the semen all drops to the floor in a dollop. And both penises are still throbbing in relief.

At times in the early morning hours, when you first waken and your morning stiffy has oozed a bit of pre-cum, you lay atop of it , relax, sort of go back to a half sleep and then awaken fully to a climax (jism still warm, sticky and leaking through your Jockey shorts) as you’ve dreamed about the cock docking you did the night before.

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