A Tantric Stuffing

I have been with two women and raised 5 children and have always known that I was a fag In my mind I tried to fight it and tried to be str8 but never got over the fact that I love men all I have to do is think about a man any man and I get horny I love to suck dick and have never been fucked in the ass but will someday let a man the right man have my virgin ass. I act str8 for the most part but can’t keep my eyes off of men I love checking them out I love everything you could imagine about men all races all sizes muscular hairy smooth skinny fat short tall dirty clean creepy looking dorks nerds old men ugly there is always something different and new that all of a sudden will turn me on about men the way one walks or if he sees me watching when he touches or scratches his dick or ass or rubs his chest or belly I see a lot because I am always checking out men I have different fantasies with certain men like most men I want to get my face all over their bodies in their hairy chest smelling their arm pits licking their ears sucking their tongues licking butt holes oh my god a fat hairy ass I could spend days with my face buried in his crack and I love dick in my mouth a man sitting on top of my face with his dick in my mouth forcing me to take what ever he wants to do to in my mouth.  I found out that I loved sucking dick so much that I don’t gag any more Johnny

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