The SWANKING Gallery

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” ― Jalaluddin Rumi

When I am hardest, I like to take a finger and my thumb at the base of my penis and bring them to the tip to get the first few drops of precum. After that, the precum flows nicely. I love to play with my precum. When there is plenty, I rub my urethra very gently. I tense up like I’m gonna cumm, but I can’t. I do this over and over and play with the precum. Eventually, I just get tired of waiting for the orgasm and adjust my stroke til I cum. But I never go fast like so many guys. I never understand why guys move their hands up and down so fast. I’ve tried it and I have no feeling left. Slow lets me feel everything. I can concentrate on the strong feelings. I can think about my toes curling. I feel the muscles tighten in my groin. I can actually feel the cum starting to move through my body before I have that cross-over feeling and point of no return (Slow Lover)

2 thoughts on “The SWANKING Gallery

  1. Love to tease my cock! I like to pull twist my nipples n shove dildo up my ass I. Pre cum then rub my nipples with cum feels soo good getting big hard cock now! Only real. Cock i’ve had in my ass is mine my thick head feels awesome in my ass my best orgasms when something is in my butt. Might be bi? Love big boobs but seeing all the cocks on web makes my dick hard like now

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