Str8 Men More Bisexual the Drunker They Become

A very intriguing study has proved that straight men can be just as interested in other men as they are in women after ten or more drinks. The study conducted by, The Journal of Psychology, got 83 heterosexual men drunken and then asked who’d they’d have sex with.

The participants were breathalysed to assess how drunken they had become, and asked to watch clips of both men and women sitting in a bar, chatting to their bar tender. They were then asked a range of questions from whether they’d buy the person a drink, to whether they would have sex with them. The men wanted have sex with women only when they were sober, but as their intake of alcohol increased so did their attraction to the male participants. With participants having ten or more drinks being just as interested in both sexes. [H/t: The Journal of Psychology]

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