something that men appreciate

As I love having mine sucked…

I love sucking cock as much as I love having mine sucked. Working up and down the shaft slowly and giving good tongue work around the cock head is always something that men appreciate. A good long blow job by a talented mouth always gets me off, and I love to do the same to other men too. It’s a powerful thing to push a man over the edge and have him shoot his load. Any volunteers? Alan

I am a servant of The Most High. Cock is my purpose.

C. Evanston says: I treat a dick like god: the Supreme Good. The man who’s offering his cock is my Brother; we are bonded in nature’s dance, he gifting, me receiving. There is no imbalance, no power, simply Truth: his cock is His Cock, The Cock, The Way and The Light and The Truth. To have GodCock in my mouth is to know peace and love; to seek His pleasure is my privilege. I am a servant of The Most High. Cock is my purpose. I cannot imagine a higher calling.

Big tough guy that everyone thinks I am.

Me too!!! I fight it so hard because I’m suppose to be the big tough guy that everyone thinks I am but secretly hitting my knees and getting punked by superior cock is what I love and cherish. Phil

4 thoughts on “something that men appreciate

  1. I’m really really horny and l want to suck a really fat hard cock until he cums all over my face and then I told him to cum in my mouth and I will tell him to go balls deep in my little ass for hours. let’s do it while my wife is watching me. .she told me that her x has a really nice shaved 10 1/2 “long and 2 inch thick cock..I sucked his cock while she watched me

  2. I feel the same a Phil. For years my private fantasy was about sucking cock. I used to wank myself silly and call myself a cocksucker. Eventually, for about 2 years I became the cocksucker of my dreams I would wank myself silly as I was called a cocksucker. After 2 years I HAD ENOUGH.

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