In search of ha-penis?

Your penis is the very core of you. Nurture your penis and you nurture your entire being. Give your penis a blessing, and you bless your spirit. And as you slowly massage your magnificence, you are also sensually opening your mind. CUMM, everyday of your life. As a man your penis is your best asset, your family jewels. Penis health equals penis wealth. Rest assured you can do your best to create a happier and brighter future for you and your penis.

Erections should be a feature of every day activity, so the shape of the member is kept. Create a happier and brighter future for you and your penis. Nurture, bless, massage & CUMM, everyday of your life. Do you feel a deep sense of spiritual connection to your penis. Does your penis, bring you joy and happiness? Please take a second, to make a comment.

It will be published, on my website and in my forthcoming book, remember you cannot say ha-penis without saying penis”. Mr Cox

2 thoughts on “In search of ha-penis?

    1. If that’s what you need to do, do it, butt, always remember to be excellent.

      You will probably find after many years you will get bored,

      …and want something else.

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