my first brojob

i am a married guy and 10yrs ago i had my first brojob met this guy he was married went back to mine (wife at work ) watched a porno and next thing we are wanking and sucking each others cock. i bent over and his hard cock entered my arse. he fucked me long and hard. i turned over lay on my back wrapped my legs around his back and felt his balls banging against my arse cheeks as he fuck me till he shot his load. Try it as you know how your wife feels when sucking your cock .p s if you live near chesterfield i would love to suck your cock and feel you stretch my arse mark


I’m straight, but also horny. I started going to gay movies-first just curious, but then got sucked off. It was great! After some time I started thinking about retuning the favour, and now I can’t stop. I suck cocks (and get sucked off by men) every chance I get. If I don’t do it for a week or two, I really miss it. I will probably do it later today. Joe

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  1. Love this site because I love to suck cock and feel that hot load in my mouth and down my throat. Not a size freak so would love to suck anyone that has a clean dick.

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