prostate massager pantra

thanks for the pantra prostate massager, I tried it yesterday and it was magic. First I had some time and could play with my prostata….for about one hour. I had good erection and felt the pleasure in all of my body. Then I had to take a break and when I continued some hours later I was so horny that I jerked off the old way which of course stopped me for experiencing the prostata orgasm. But it was a very strong and good orgasm. Next time I will take much longer time and also try with the breathing exercise. Next time I will be in London, I dont know yet, I will contact u for an ESO massage. You guide me through to the full body prostate orgasm. Thanx SEB, the pantra fits well and it is very good keeping both hands free to stimulate other parts at the same time ;o) I ll be back juan

Who Has the Best Prostate Massage Reviews in London?

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