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Tony Pearson (born 1957) grew up in St. Louis, Missouri is an American bodybuilding champion. In 1976, at the age of nineteen, Pearson moved to California to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder. After arriving in Los Angeles he was homeless for a of period time. After getting on his feet, the young Pearson ventured to the “Mecca of bodybuilding”, Gold’s Gym in Venice, California. It was there that he was introduced to all of the great bodybuilding legends of the time, just weeks before the 1976 Mr. Olympia competition. Later that year Tony was training in Venice Beach, where he was discovered by Arnold Schwarzenegger on Muscle Beach, who became his “mentor”. Pearson won his first contest, the 1976 Mr. Venice Beach, and Arnold featured him in the first edition of his book, The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding Co-Written by Bill Dobbins. Of the young Pearson, Schwarzenegger wrote, “I remember a few years ago seeing a skinny black kid training at the weight pit on Venice Beach. I watched him doing endless sets of squats, with very heavy weight, torturing himself with rep after rep. After a while, his thighs began to grow and soon they were huge, separated and beautifully defined, and only a year and half later he entered and won the 1978 Mr. America contest.”

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