Long Dong Silver


Long Dong Silver, (born Daniel Arthur Mead in 1960), is a Bermudian former porn star who appeared in several pornographic movies in the UK and USA during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Mead was famed for the length of his penis, reputedly 18 inches. After suggestions that he was actually wearing an artificial penis-like sheath, Mead retired from the world of porn in 1987. He now lives in anonymity in HASTINGS.


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2 thoughts on “Long Dong Silver

  1. In the US, there’s a funny story about Clarence Thomas telling an aide he was hung like Long Song Silver. Nice to see a Long Song Silver fan on the bench.

    (Consider the hatchet man who libeled said aide afterward working for Hillary a symptom of Why Trump Won.)

  2. this legend is so fake when you obtain a clear color photograph of him you can see the plastic like coloration difference between his skin tone and the fake dick, he never gets hard or even the head changes size, you can see the black elastic strap at the pubic region where he has inserted his own penis there are a few photographs of his real dick

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