Cuban Sansón Superman


This is Cuban legendary performer Sansón sometimes refered to as superman who was famous in the 1950’s for his crazy erotic shows in Havana, where women would literally fight to get on stage and perform with him. Monique Van Vooren, a Dutch actress who made no secret of her love for big cocks witnessed one of Superman’s shows and described it in one of her books. 1950’s best known call girl, Liz A Tenner tells a great story about being at one of the shows in 1954. “At the begining of the show he came on stage and just rubbed his bulge. He was wearing very tight pants. My pussy was wet, I knew what I had to do.

I JUST GOT UP AND STARTED TO RUB MY CLIT. I took a big deep breathe and walked straight onto the stage, spread my legs and uncontrollably begged…

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