hairy arse orgasms!

This, sadly isn’t my male anal orgasm story and it is somewhat different as in my new boyfriend experiences orgasms from within his hairy arse (i.e without ejaculation)

He describes it as an over whelming prostrate spasm, followed by a total loss of control and massive production of the good old natural arse lube. Sometimes this happens immediately after anal sex or during it, where he cums in the conventional fashion. Other times this can happen upwards of an hour later. (lucky devil) I have had no such luck. I quite like a dildo up there but I don’t really enjoy receiving cock. I try, but it tends to hurt a lot on the way in regardless of how lubed or worked I am, I then love it for about half an hour but then find it uncomfortable again till the end and want it over with. Any advice would be greatly received Brian

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  1. A few years ago I started realizing that there is some kind of anal orgasm that is very different that an ejacualation…and that can have a sense of approximation to pussy orgasms…and i guess that is when I suddenly began to feel the desire to worship pussy as well as cock, and to service a woman completely until she has completed her need to orgasm…and i suppose that it wouldn’t suprise you that somewhere along that line the idea of experiencing a complete anal orgasm in the presence of a woman, particularly without penile arousal made me begin to question if anyone else on the planet would get this.

  2. wah your hairy arsehole

    I have experienced the best anal orgasm i have ever had, better than a cock orgasm. I lubed up well and used the plastic nipple from a large baby bottle bank. the nipple is about four inches long and i prop it against a spring in my mattress and just ride it. it take twenty minutes or so to achieve orgasm and if i continue to fuck this with my ass, the orgasms just continue and i just cannot stop coming. It feels so fucking wonderful…i love it. ron

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