obsessed with anal orgasms

I was in Niagra Fall on business. I was only 20 at the time and I was staying up in a hotel. I am bi and don’t usually have a male partner often. But I have been performing anal penetration for years. I was using a hair spray bottle seated on a chair when I could believe I was feeling what I felt.

You know, that irresistable start of that great feeling of warmth all over. I had a great orgasm. After that day I have been obsessed with anal orgasms ever since and now I have a very distinct different orgasm with my wife over my anal orgasm. Now here is the kicker. I now have many methods of anal orgasm (no penis touching which actually ruins the feeling) I have my wife fist my ass while I am bent over. I have mind blowing orgasms that way.

The other (this where you will think I’m crazy) is I attach a dildo or other home made device on the agitator of my washing machine. It fucks me so much that I literally have to take a break from that kind of activity to recuperate. But WOW, what a fucking orgasm from that. Thanks for reading. Kev

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