fucked bi/ 50

IT wasn’t until I was fifty, that I discovered I really enjoy being fucked by men. I have no desire to kiss or hug, just the penetration, and mutual sucking. Unlike some, I have never experienced discomfort or pain. You will find other men like me with the same preference to fuck you. Here is a picture of me being fucked.

2 thoughts on “fucked bi/ 50

  1. Many, many years ago, I used to be a professional fucker, my misspend) youth. Men would come to be fucked by a man in a police uniform. So I am very aware that there are so many men, that like to be fucked, or should I say, NEED, to be fucked. For then it was their most important therapy, it simply relieved their stress and made them feel better. And that was all they needed, not the lifestyle, just the fucking therapy. Bi/ 50’s every man should have expérienced that, possibility. Before he has left it too late.

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