firm grip and trimmed nails

Starting of relaxing and slowly building to a deeper massage with a firm grip and trimmed nails.

I like my penis massaged bi a group, by a couple or individual, in public so others see my pleasure, slowly and teasing with lots of edging, ball massage too. Light strokes, alternating rhythm, just under the head. Slowly and around the tip With imagination, sensitivity and creativity.

So how do you like your cock massaged?

3 thoughts on “firm grip and trimmed nails

  1. I prefer to have my full body massaged before my manhood is touched. And then I like the whole crotch area massaged building up to my manhood. The longer it takes the better to get there the better.

  2. I love to use plenty of oil and I love it when different strokes and techniques are used. I like plenty of body contact while my lingam is being touched. I love to get very close to cumming and then stopping in order to make the experience last even longer.

  3. I don’t like to rush. Whether on my own or with other men, I like long, sensual sessions where the energy ebbs and flows. For me, climax is one of the ultimate ecstasies and there’s nothing more beautiful than a post climax massage with a man’s seed for the massage oil.

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