My Gay Male Medical Fantasy

I call the 27yr old male patient into the exam room. I take his blood pressure and talk to him about the normal stuff. Then I ask him to take his shirt off. I get close and place the stethoscope on his hairy chest. I put a hand on his back and feel him breath.

Then I tell him to strip to his underwear and lie down on the table. I feel his chest and abdomen. I then tell him to stand by the table with his boxer shorts down. I put on the rubber gloves and slowly massage his penis and tell him that it is normal to be aroused during this procedure. I gently palpate his testicles and ask him to cough. I then ask him to sit up on the bed which has the stirrup things that women put their legs when they have a baby. I strap his legs in. I lubricate one finger and gently insert it into his rectum, he groans slightly. I tell him that its ok and it will be over soon. While I slowly move my finger up and down in his rectum I start to feel and palpate his balls, his penis gets rock hard. I tell him that he has an impressive sized penis. He is embarrassed and asks when the procedure will be over. I tell him soon. I take off my gloves with a snap and tell him he needs a shot. I give him the needle in the arm. He then gets dressed and I tell him he will need to come back in 6 months for another check up. John

Gay Male Medical Fetish

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