massaging men’s prostates

Hello Seb, I am a 58 year old gay male. I have been massaging other men’s prostates for many years and I must say that I am very good at it. I just learned how to do it from trial and error. Besides using my fingers, I also use my tongue. I must say though, doing this in combination with finger massage, I have gotten my share of virgin arses. After some time of massaging, most men beg me to shove my penis in because the finger massage has drivin them mad with desire. That is the way I lost my virginity. After a good tonguing, I screamed and begged the guy to stuff his penis in and ram me good. I’ve been doing it now for many years. I love the arse orgasim. Do you have a chat room on your site so others like myself can meet and share our experiences? I sure hope so….I’ve really enjoyed your web site. I view it often…THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT INFO.  Sincerely  Bill


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