Man Comes Out in A Jockstrap

Dave Tyson is a personal trainer from Virginia and according to his posts he’s a proud black gay man and tired of hiding. He writes on instragram:

Growing up as a black male I was taught that I’m not allowed to be affectionate cause that was gay. I wasn’t allowed to be loving cause that meant I was weak! Black men don’t ask other men for hugs! We are tough and don’t deal with feelings and emotions.

So I hid in a closet for years and did what I had to do to fit the mold to become the man society said a black man should be, but in the end who I really am came out! I’m gay and I love being gay but it didn’t stop there

As a black gay man me trying to figure things out it was like I was giving a handbook on what a black gay man should be! He should be the aggressor, the top, dominant at that and I was conflicted confused! Toppings cool but it doesn’t do it for me. I’m a pretty dominant guy but with my guy I rather be the submissive one. After two years of confusion I finally realized this one truth! I wasn’t living being the man I was created to be I was living life who society said I should be ! –

Now some of you may say “ what the hell do these pics have to do with anything “ well these pics are a big fuck you too what family friends or society say I should be ! And an amen to who I was destined to be ! To keep it in context I’ll just say I’m a proud black gay male! Yes I’m masculine, and muscular. Yes I can be aggressive but with my partner I am a proud submissive bottom and I refuse to be ashamed of that any longer ! If you think cause I like a good pounding and being dominated makes me less of a man! My hustle and ambition says otherwise! If you think it makes me soft! Google me, yeah you can dot com me!!

The message ! Recreate yourself! Embrace who you are and not what others want or say you should be! Don’t miss living your best life trying to live life like someone else !

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