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I am probably Britain’s most established Male Masseur offering happy ending male massage for GAY, bisexual and straight men. My purpose is to gradually build spiritual energy to allow a really amazing orgasm. That creates a balance, Putting everything into perspective. I’m blessed with a large thick magickal tool. Call or text seb Cox 07974 805666 or to make further enquires please email

Every ritual I do is unique.

I work from a professional massage table so men of all ages, shapes and sizes, straight, gay, bisexual and bi curious men are all welcome.

I like my clients to provide me with a detailed description of what they would like as well as their expectations.

You deserve to experience as a celebration of yourself, pleasure, and even ecstasy.

From the moment you enter my warm apartment the surroundings will begin to soothe your spirit.

To contact Seb Cox please call 07974 805666 or email


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