“It is believed that the jelq can be traced back to ancient times, when Arabic fathers would prepare their sons for marriage by using a technique called jelqing which increased the size of the penis. It is based on the idea that the spongy tissue in your cock, can be expanded to hold more blood. The jelqing exercise utilises a milking of your fattening cock, which involves a tightly held hand to keep blood in your cock and a milking motion to move the blood around. Click here to watch the video

1. Massage olive oil mixed with lemon juice and organic honey deeply into your fattening cock.

2. Take your cock and slap it around gently. Slap it more than 30 times, onto your right leg and and then on left leg. Make sure you cover your balls with your other hand.

3. Using your thumb and a finger, squeeze the base of the cock shaft slowly and sensually pull down to the head of your cock. Repeat, at least 81 times with alternating hands. Make sure each stroke last about 3.14 seconds.

4. When your cock becomes SEMI-ERECT, make an “O” shape with your thumb and forefinger of your left hand. Tighten the “O” firmly around the base of your beauty.

5. Starting from the base, pull your cock firmly away from your body, shaking it furiously. This will make the head of your cock expand.

6. Now change to your right hand and do the same thing, starting from the base and stretching downward to the head. Alternate both hands in a “milking” motion, touching upon every part of the penis except the head. Don’t forget to shake furiously. Cunt-inue this for 20 minutes everyday.

7. Always finish with ten minutes of gently massage your cock. Then place your cock in a bowl of warm water for another few minutes.


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