I love to be fucked

I love to be fucked. I always have. My first was my college landlord. The idea that an adult male finds me so desirable that he gets aroused thinking about how good it will feel to slide his erect penis into my hole and thrust in and out until he ejaculates, well, is so damn affirming of my own masculinity. We are two men being as intimate as two men can be. Both vulnerable, both desiring each other, animalistic, yet caring… It is the most spiritual, physical, emotional connection men can have. And it feels good, too. Russ B

i have always played with my ass and have decided that i need to follow a fantasy that i have had for some time. I want to find out what it feels like to be fucked by a man with a huge dick and i want him to cum in me hard. i really want this but don’t no how to go about this.I am married and my wife is ok with it she would like to be there and watch and shoot a video of it. i am white and i would prefer a black man to do this for me. Love Rear Bear

2 thoughts on “I love to be fucked

  1. OMG I love that fucking video reminds me of me when I have a good man deep inside my hole breeding me so sexy

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