I like my manhood massaged

I like my manhood massaged in a sensitive caring manner that is respectful of the fact that there is more to me than the appearance. I’m unique. I want that protected, valued, and acknowledged. I want to do the same for others.

I like my manhood massaged with long slow strokes from base to tip using lots of oil. I like the head to be circled while balls are being gently cupped, slowly hands meeting around the middle of my shaft. like to be massaged with respect and sensual touch to make the flow of energy super powerful. The same will be expected from me.

While massaging as usual, I like you to use both hands one on top of the other so that my whole dick is getting attention and then as im about to cum stop and then, using the palm of your hand, massage the head of my dick until its unbearable and i cum all over the place

And you. How do you like your manhood massaged? Please leave a reply below

One thought on “I like my manhood massaged

  1. To pleasure a Man,
    to be of service to his Manhood!
    What greater call!
    What greater purpose!
    I enthrall His glory,
    And He — HE —
    shines on my face,
    touches my lips,
    allows my worship.

    Glory Be to Man!

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