How Do You Like Your HaPenis Massaged?

That’s a hard one (no pun intended) for me as it’s been long time since I’ve received such a massage

However I do know that I enjoy the Sensualising Feeling and Sensuality Drawn Out from slow, long, almost teasing manipulation with periods (in minutes/time) of ‘hands off’ then ‘hands on’ activity allowing the pleasure sensations to rise slowly from deep within pausing periodically to gain overall momentum. Divine Touch

First Touch is the Deepest

4 thoughts on “How Do You Like Your HaPenis Massaged?

  1. I like to have my penis massaged slowly and softly with plenty of oil being used. Best to start from behind whilst I am lying on my front with hands caressing my balls first and then slowly working towards my cock. So nice if there is two people carrying out the massage, one to slowly tease my cock whilst the other plays with my balls and ass. I like keeping me on the edge for a long time and then causing my ejaculation without the use of hands on my cock.

  2. If you are ever in Colorado, I would happy to help you in almost any /every way ! Just leave me a message on this site….somehow we’ll find each other. Big hug…you beautiful man! GRrrrrrrrr!

      1. Thank you for your thoughtful message. This site has helped with my faith in my fellow man. Sincerely, Lester B. USA

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