Ian’s homo erotic fantasies

I am testimony to a guy who has homo erotic fantasies. I am not gay but this is one fantasy I had:

I had never ever felt attracted to men. I had always thought of myself as heterosexual. I had always desired boobs, bums and pussy and in no particular order. But of late, I found myself looking differently at the younger divorced man next door. He was in his mid-thirties and very fit. He had sandy coloured hair and was well tanned. His divorce had only take place in recent days and he had never told me what was the cause, though we had often spoken to each other when we were in our respective gardens. They had given the impression that they were happy together and it came as a shock when she suddenly left him. That I was attracted to him shocked me and what stirred me even more was that he was about 20 years younger than me. Sometimes when I was gardening I thought that he may have been quietly watching me. I dismissed this notion as foolishness and put it down to one old man’s hopeless fantasy. None the less it was a fantasy that I liked and it stayed in my mind even though I felt it had no basis in reality and, yes, it made me hard.

After dinner one night my wife suggested that I should go over and see how he was going after his separation. She said “Stay and have a few beers with him. He might open up to you being an older man.” “Are you sure? We were going to watch tv together tonight.” I replied.
“I am happy for you to go. I am a bit worried about Tim. Separation can have a huge impact on a person and I wouldn’t want him doing something silly”
“He could come here?” I ventured
“Maybe another time” she said “I think you two should talk man to man. He might want to discuss his divorce and what might have caused it. The lights are on at Tim’s house so he must be home”
I rang him and suggested that I come over for a beer and he readily agreed. I freshened up a little, kissed my wife on the cheek, and walked out the door. I was dressed in my usual jeans and a shirt. I knew my motives were not as altruistic as my wife’s, as I was not sure I could trust myself to remain noble, but he was a friend and it was also nice that my wife had suggested I go and that I could take my time that evening.

He met me at the door wearing shorts and a shirt and gave me a warm hug. As we walked to the Den he asked “What’s your poison mate?”
“Water? Ice?” he asked
“No. Just whisky” I replied
“I have some Glen Morangie?” he mused
“Yes please” I replied
He came over to where I sat with half tumbler of the glorious malt! He smiled when I showed my consternation at the amount of whisky he had poured. He was drinking beer.
“Cheers” he urged as he sat down opposite.
We began talking about anything and everything and before I knew it he was pouring more whisky into my tumbler. I was mellowing and he had swapped to whisky as well. Finally I asked him whether he thought his wife would come back.
After a period of silence, he said softly “No she won’t be back”
“Why?” I asked evenly
There was another awkward silence but I waited, sipping my whisky, for him to speak.
“I told her I was attracted to men and she looked daggers at me. She asked me if there was anyone in particular and….well…… I…..I said it was you even though I had never acted….” he said in an emotion-filled voice, unable to finish his sentence.
I said nothing, trying to gather my thoughts.
“You probably hate me for saying that” he said
Now, I was in turmoil. What should I say?
“You probably want to leave” Tim said
“No” I whispered
“Did you say no?” he asked in a way that showed his surprise
“Yes. I said no” I said in an attempt to be more concerted.

He smiled broadly and looked me up and down before focusing on my crotch. I was amazed that I had said, what I did, as well as being just a little scared. I wondered where this was heading but in another sense I just wanted to know. I wanted to explore my feelings about men and here he was staring at my bulge, lusting for my cock.
“Are you shocked?” he asked almost pleadingly, in a way that said that he did not want me to leave.
“Well, yes I am as I have no idea as to why you are attracted to a man 30yrs your senior” I said frankly.
“It’s partly because I know an older married man will be discreet” he replied
It was his turn to be frank!
“Partly?” I urged gently
“It’s partly that you have always been so kind to me” he ventured
There was a pause and so I sipped on my whisky as I waited for his answer. I was less nervous as the conversation continued. I was even a little aroused and I kinda liked that!
“You have a nice butt, Ian!” he said and blushed, and so did I. We chuckled a little. I sensed that we were both less tense.
“And when were you looking at my butt?” I asked lightly
“When you were bending over pulling weeds in your garden. I was perving on you!” he replied candidly
“Did you like the view?” I asked cheekily realizing my earlier suspicions were true.
He laughed and then replied “Oh yes! I even tried to imagine it bare for all to see. In fact I did see a bit of asscrack at times.”
I gulped my whisky, imagining what my asscrack would have looked like.
“Sorry, did I say too much?” he asked quietly
“No. I just had this weird picture in my mind of you watching me” I whispered
“Have you ever thought about men?” he asked in that same quiet voice
“Yes……but only lately” I whispered nervously
“Oh?”he urged, looking at me intently
“You have been the subject of my thoughts over the last little while” I whispered and I blushed again “It has made me visit internet chat rooms to……to relieve my need as I thought you would never entertain the idea of this old man……..”.
“Was it a video chat room?” he probed
“Well…………………yes it was. You have to realize that I had never done anything like this before. I felt all sorts of emotions but it was kinda horny” I whispered, looking down at the floor, realizing I had already said too much.
“Did you take your clothes off?” he whispered

“Did you?” he insisted
“Not at first. I was too scared” I answered “I was worried someone would record it.”
“But then?”
“Then one day I chatted with one guy who was totally naked and he was so gentle & caring & patient that when he asked me to take my clothes off, I felt like I wanted to show him! He made me feel relaxed, so I ….well……… I did!” I admitted.
“Did that turn you on, Ian? You know, knowing that someone was watching you undress?” he asked
“Well……………………………..yes. Yes it did” I muttered
“You liked that someone was seeing your cock aroused. Didn’t you?” he whispered
“Yes. He could see me rubbing myself. He must have seen my bulge grow”
“It was horny, removing your shirt and playing with your nipples knowing he was watching”
“Yes. I didn’t know men’s nipples could be so sensitive.”
“Undoing your belt and opening your jeans” he mused
I swallowed more whisky.
“I was soooo nervous doing that!” I said candidly
“Sliding your jeans down and letting him see your cock shaped in your undies” he mused
“Yes. You sound like you have had experience, Tim” I mouthed and then sighed deeply. His sexy talk was stirring my cock. I swallowed even more whisky. I knew he was seducing me and I just let him do it. I found myself wanting to tell him what happened!
“Well I was kinda trembling. I was so fucking nervous. It felt so forbidden but my cock had never been so hard. I showed him my silver pubes first then he said that I should pop it out. And I did!” I said being aroused by my telling him of this exhibitionist episode.

“Did you blow a load in front of him?” he asked
He laughed mirthully.
“Did you make much of a mess?” he asked
“Well…………………….yes. it took me forever to clean my keyboard” I replied honestly
“Ian, did you feel naughty?” he asked
“Yessssssss absolutely!” I demured
“It’s fun being naughty. Isn’t it” he urged gently
“Yes, yes it is”I replied and then swallowed deeply “It was unchartered waters for me and I kinda liked it. You know what? I kinda was turned on by the forbiddeness of it. The guy noticed my wedding ring and told me it was a turn on.”
I drank more of my whisky. I was totally aroused and ready for whatever came next. My cock was telling me to continue.
“They say in a gay circles that the ultimate conquest is a married man, especially if he is a Christian like you are. He would have been so hard and wouldn’t have minded how long it took. Look I know how hard it would have been to explore this in the way you have. And you have been exploring haven’t you? You have been incredibly brave.”
“I didn’t know that I was a particular turn on for him as a Christian and being married! And yes, his cock was totally rigid”
“Absolute truth. Gays like seducing straight married men. They know they are leading the man into forbidden eroticism, pushing them to actions they had never thought they were capable of doing” He paused giving me time to dwell on my own revelations. “Would you be willing to undress for me? I have wanted to see you naked for a very long time”
There was a long silence filled with sexual tension. I wanted to undress for him but did I have the courage?
“I’d feel like a stripper, Tim” I said trying to deflect him
“And is that so bad? Having someone gaze on your gorgeous Christian cock”
“I have got a bit of a tummy” I said in protest
“I………..have never stripped in front of someone and….. and you might laugh at my amatuer efforts. I…. Christians are not meant to do such things!” I ran out of words and excuses.

“I won’t laugh at you. I know you are Christian and this seems forbidden. Stand up, Ian” Tim said
I found myself standing. He was looking at me smiling. I slipped my sandles off and stood there.
“You are being even braver this time Ian. This is far braver than doing it online, Christians have always had hang ups about nudity, ever sice the fall of Adam and Eve” Tim said gently
“I don’t know why I am fucking doing this” I muttered, staring down at the clothes I was about to take off.
“Because you want to, Ian, don’t you? You want know what it’s like. Don’t you?” Tim whispered and he saw me blush when he said it.
“This has been my fantasy for quite some time. I have wanted you to be the first one to see my engorged cock in the flesh” I admitted, blushing even more, amazed at the erotic nature of my own words “I have never said somethinf like that before”
“I know. It must have surprised you a little, maybe even aroused you”he replied
Removing my shirt was the easy bit though I must admit it was turning me on knowing that he was watching my every movement, and I did fumble with the buttons.
“You are making quite a tent in your jeans” he demured quietly “What color briefs are under there?”
“They’re are bright red” I replied, standing before him stripped to the waist. I like coloured undies”
“Take your belt off” he urged
I did and my jeans slumped enough to show the top of my undies. I looked down to see what was showing and realized it was only my erection keeping my jeans up!

“Yes they are red. Keep going Ian” he whispered “By the way, my preference in undies is white”
I blew out some nervous air from my mouth. I looked down at my crotch and then back at him. I looked down again and noticed some of my silver pubes were poking out of the top of my briefs.
“It’s ok Ian. It will be our little secret, No one will know except me and you” he said and then smiled. I blushed yet again!
I unbuttoned the waist of my jeans and lowered the zip. The jeans just fell away to my ankles. He was red-faced with arousal as stared at my crotch. I knew that he could see the shape of my cock in my briefs. Briefs really don’t hide much. I stepped out of my jeans and kicked them away.
“You would make a great stripper, Ian ” he said
“I would?”
“Oh yesssss! You’re such a tease. Rub your cock for me thru your briefs” he said
As I did so I realized that I was enjoying getting this man aroused. He was now rubbing the front of his shorts and I could see his cock growing in them. I had to rub gently or I may have cum there and then.
“This is rather horny” I whispered
“Yes it is” he whispered back “And you like it don’t you!”
“Yes….yes I do”
I was so hard now.

“Stop rubbing and take your hand away” he said
I looked down at my cock and realised that the briefs showed virtually everything. I was trembling with arousal. He smiled as he saw the shape of my cock in my briefs. I liked that he was staring wantonly at my cock in lust.
“Ian?” he said steadily
“Yes?” I replied
“You’re trembling” he said
“I think I have crossed my Rubicon” I whispered, unable to look at him and staring at my briefs
“Yes you have Ian but its ok” he whispered “I will be gentle”
I swallowed and lodged by thumbs in the waist of my briefs. I hesitated.
“Keep going Ian. You want to don’t you” he said gently
I slid my briefs down and let them fall to my ankles. My cock popped out hard and straight. In fact I had never been so hard! Tim’s face was flush with his own arousal as he stared at my engorged cock.
“Oh fuck! It’s beautiful, Ian” he whispered
“Is it?”
“Oh yes” he said without hesitation
“What do you like about it?” I asked
“I love your silver pubes. I love its veiny-ness. I love that it is yours” he replied reverently
“I have never exposed myself to someone before” I spoke softly
He smiled gently
“My trembling is making my cock wobble” I observed with some honesty. He stared at my cock in an almost reverent way and licked his dry lips.
“I think I might be going to cum in my shorts.” he said breathlessly.
“Well, we wouldn’t want them to get messed up would we?” I replied cheekily
“But your cock is so ……..I don’t think I can control mine much longer” he said
“Well you had better take your clothes off Tim” I said demurely and then I stepped a little closer to him.
He started taking his shirt off. He was whole lot of nerves and arousal as he fumbled with the buttons.
“You might find it easier if you stood up” I suggested
He stood up and I walked over to him.
“Let me help you” I whispered as I undid the last of his buttons and peeled the shirt off his shoulders. It dropped on the floor behind him. Now he was trembling.

“I…..” he began to say but then ran out of words
“It’s okay. I am as nervous as you are” I said gently and then I kissed his forehead. I ran my hands over his chest and played with his nipples. I found it strange that I seemed to know what to do. His body was trembling under my touch and he was aroused to the point of no return.
“You can touch me if you want”I said
HIs hands came up to touch my face and then to slide down to my chest. There were tears in his eyes as he realized the great intimacy that was taking place.
His shorts had an elastic waist to them and so I hooked my thumbs in them and pushed them down over his hips and they dropped to his ankles. He was wearing the classic white underpants that gay people like to wear.
“I am going to have to get me some of those white undies”I said candidly “they really hug your manhood”
“I’ll buy you a pair or two. We can keep them at my place”Tim said
Tim had the most outrageous erection formed in them as the material wrapped around his balls, shaft and head. White undies are always slightly see thru and so they weren’t really concealing much.
“These lovely white undies really need to come off Tim don’t they” I demured quietly
“Yes they do” he whispered
I tugged them and down and his cock sprang out, bumping against my engorged member
“Well, they seem to have greeted each other” I chuckled
I put my hands on his smooth bum and drew him to me and he stepped out of his shorts and undies. Our cocks were rubbing against each other. It was going to be the most erotic sex I had ever known.

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  1. Wow Ian that was so hot and horny got hard just reading your story. I love looking at men’s jeans and just wondering what is behind the zip mmmmm makes me wet my lips lol

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