Chinese kung fu master lift 80kg bricks with his BALLS

Zhao Zhenhua lifted the heavy brick pile at a live performance and swung them back and forth for ten minutes, totalling a staggering 320 times. Shocked eyewitnesses admitted they couldn’t believe what they were watching. The 48-year-old carried off the incredible stunt after practicing Xi Sui Jing kung fu on the principle that practitioners who are masters themselves can pass it on to their descendants, who automatically have the ability to become kung fu masters as well. Mr Liao added: “It has been suggested by many that people who followed this style of kung fu could improve the quality of their lives.” The demonstration took place at a kung fu training centre in the city of Zhengzhou in Central China’s Henan Province. Sihiva Kriya is a ancient knowledge Chinese Martial Art. The technique itself is Sue Shi Kong (lifting weights with the penis testicles)

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