Fucking Old Fucking Tips

Amongst all the Fucking Old Fucking Tips one is the most important. You will never be a good fucker, until you get fucked. Don’t lie there fucking like a wally. Get up of your fat arse and dance on my fucking cock. Every man should have a playlist of his favourite getting fucked tunes. I include songs that remind me of my favourite fuckings. Feel free to leave your best fucking tips, pics and videos below

Once you have prepared your “Fuckingt Tips” playlist you will need to study and learn these 1600 year old Fucking Tips from taoist doctor of the seventh century, Li Tung-Hsuan Tzu. His 1600 year old Fucking Tips poetically described nine styles of fucking, by varying the direction, the speed and the depth of the thrusts. It’s strange that something that was written nearly 1,600 years ago is still so fucking relevant.

wanking to my fleshlight tips

  • Strike on right and on the left like a honest warrior boring the enemy rows
  • You raise and plunge suddenly like a wild horse cutting through a path through a torrent of mountain.
  • And you like a cloud of gulls withdraw return playing above the waves.
  • Carry out major penetrations and small surface blows taquins and, a such picorant sparrow of the rice grains.
  • Penetrate superficially then more deeply, towards the right-hand side and the left, as would fall a large stone being inserted in the sea.
  • Return slowly in the manner of a snake in its nest.
  • Charge quickly, a such frightened rat regaining its hole·
  • Fly over and strike as an eagle follows a hare in escape.
  • Go up and plunge deeply, like a magnificent boat on the floods facing a wild wind.

fleshlight tips party

Fleshlight Tips :  Lube Your Tube

Before Penetration do please spend some quality time slowly and sensually finger your favourite lube into your fleshlight. Never use any commercial lube, if you read about their ingredients believe me you don not want to be putting that shite, any where near your beloved cock, or even your fleshlight.  Good old mother nature has provided the best lube for fleshlight tips. It’s called honey. What I love about using honey as a lube, it that it is works as a natural warming gels, and as we all know lubrication is a very important part of life.

Fucking Tips Lips & Hips

lips hips fleshlight tips

During your session regularly pull out and slowly tease the fleshlight lips before slowly sliding back in. On other occasions pull out forcefully before ramming your cock back in quickly. The Cock Flap, let your cock flap around the lips without insertion, tease those lips shake those hips.

Mr Fucking Tips : Hot Pussy Cold Pussy

mr fleshlight tips

Before you begin your session wrap your cock  in a towel and place it carefully on a radiator. Always insert a finger to test the temperature. What can be even more enjoyable is “the cold pussy”. When you are close to ejaculation pull out, and put your Fleshlight in the freezer for a couple of minutes. You can spend this time exercising your PC MUSCLES or for the more adventurous, why not try Mr Cox’s  Anal Flutter Sexercises.

The Older is Bolder : The Most Tantric Fucking Tips

This Fucking tantra is also called the “MDG”, Milf, Dilf & Gilf . Wrap the fleshlight in an expensive pillow and tie it up with your favourite belt. Grip your hand under the belt and ride. I’m told by a mate of mine that this is what it feels like to ride an older milf, ie, a dilf or gilf.

Fleshlight Tips with a a mate

the duo fleshlight tips

Once you have had a few solo  sessions with your fleshlight and are feeling confident about your techniques why not invite a maqte over for a session. After comparing tips and techniques you might like to finish with a bit of dvp fleshlight delight. If your mates are not available you can always try with a banana. The dvp banana technique, get a fairly unripe compatibly sized banana had hold it against your shaft, and very slowly slide the two inside.

dvp fleshlight tips

Another great Fleshlight Tips is about when you get to the point of ejaculation.

before ejaculation great fleshlight tips

Many men will find that if they ejaculate into the Fleshlight that they find that it constricts the ejaculate. Best to pull out and finish with your hand so you can enjoy your ejaculation better. Not ejaculating into your fleshlight makes cleaning up much easier as well.

Feel free to leave your best fleshlight tips, pics and videos below

butt fleshlight tips

Last butt, Not Least tip.

Size is very important. The Fleshlight was invented by an American cop, who obviously at some stage used his flashlight , as a fleshlight. He must have been hung, because of the design of the fleshlight. It works better for men with bigger cocks.

Feel free to leave your best fleshlight tips, pics and videos below

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  1. If you’re with another dude take the Fleshlight out of the plastic and each of you enter from a different end at the same time. The feeling of your cock and his cock sliding around and rubbing against each other is amazing. It’s great when one of you blows and the other can use his cum for lube to finish!

  2. Towel wrap your fleshlight and place it on the corner of a table hold it firmly with one hand, while using the other to finger your rosebud.

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