The Erotic Bucket List 4 Men

Here is one brave man’s erotic bucket list, please help us with what we are hoping to be a brand new section of the website by taking a few minutes to leave a reply and tell us about your erotic bucket list

1. experience a prostate massage DONE thanks 😉

2. hold another guys cock DONE thanks 😉
3. enjoy a prolonged lingam massage
4. experience the sensual undressing ritual
5. be fully drained of cum and have a dry orgasm
6. be consistently happy to eat my own cum (I’ve done it a few times after a wank but usually end up chickening out!)

1 thought on “The Erotic Bucket List 4 Men

  1. Promises for 2018 – to drain my cock of cum as much as i can – will be a lovely hard cock year !

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