self sucking with prostate massager inserted

I started to self suck when I was 18. I found I could easily reach my cock and loved the feeling of my mouth. I didn’t swallow right away but held the cum in my mouth and swished it about for a little while before spitting. After a few years I had to stop because I was in the military. After getting out of the military I started to self suck again and decided to swallow all the cum every time. I soon found myself to be so limber that I could get more and more of my cock into my mouth. Over a short time I was bottoming out with my teeth and pubic bone stopping me from taking more into my mouth and throat. I realized I was easily deepthroating myself and it excited me into huge orgasms with plenty of cum. I stopped after another few years but have started to stretch myself again and now am licking my cock again. It won’t be but a few months before I am taking most my cock into my mouth again. I can hardly wait, but rushing a good thing wouldn’t be a good idea. I know to take it slow until I reach my goal of splashing the back of my throat with cum and deepthroating myself into oblivion. (as told By Dave)

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