Studs, Tools, and the Family Jewels…

A circle jerk is a sexual practice in which a group of men form a circle and masturbate themselves or each other. Circle jerks often feature a competitive element, with the “winner” being the participant able to ejaculate first, last, or farthest depending on the “house” rules.

Heterosexual Masculine Dominance

Circle Jerks not only serve as an introduction to sexual relations with other men featuring a homoerotic element, some analysts interpret adolescent youth group activities such as circle jerks as an effort to establish heterosexual, masculine dominance within the group.

The Bloke with the largest Penis Win a Prize

Peter Francis Murphy in his book Studs, tools, and the family jewels: metaphors men live writes that that circle jerks transform jerking off into a sport with prizes for the bloke who ejaculates first, or last. Competition doesn’t end there. The bloke with the largest penis wins a prize too.

Heterosexual Soggy Biscuit

Writing in his book On My Honor: Boy Scouts and the Making of American Youth, Jay Mechling suggests that the circle jerk confirms heterosexual orientation of the participants. As homoerotic as this play is, it also bears the same metamessage as other nude play. “We can play like this because we do not see each other as sexual objects”. The blokes put a biscuit in the circle and the last man to ejacualte on the biscuit gets to eat the prize.

4 thoughts on “Studs, Tools, and the Family Jewels…

  1. I would be soooooo nervous but a circle jerk seems so erotic. All th9se hard cocks in one place at one time!

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  3. I’m straight man but regularly watch gay porn. For me, it’s more just because I started circle jerking when I was younger. I’m not into anal or kink. I’m not into the overly femmy guys or the steroid types or the guys who don’t take care of themselves, but I do like a good JO sesh.

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