How to have the Best Sex of your life

It’s all about trust, truth and respect for yourself. Don’t be shy. You will be best at sex that involves getting what you really want. Never forget that. If you want to have really good sex, it has to involve you getting what YOU really WANT/NEED.

Practising asking for what you really want/need as this brings greater awareness, communications and sexual pleasure. Every Time you have sex you should begin by having your cock massaged, or should I say worshipped for at least 20 minutes. We have to learn how to very gently whisper how it is we like to have our cocks massaged.

And once we have learned to gently whisper, then we need to climb to the top of a mountain and fucking, shout as loud as you ever, shouted, that, again and again, and again, amen. Harry Shishna

One thought on “How to have the Best Sex of your life

  1. This might require some historical background: During the Gilded Age, some doctors were actually convinced nocturnal emissions were a disease known as “spermatorrhea”, brought in by masturbating.

    Today, we know this is all 🐂💩 of course. But back then?

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