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my sexual life with my wife

Hello, I’m a happily married man. I define myself as Bi and I had my share or gay sex. It all started to fulfill my curiosity but then I discovered who really I am. I start by playing the top role till I decided I wanted to try and experiment how it feels to have a hard stiff cock up my arse.

Thankfully the guy I was fucking with and who happen to be straight was willing to give me what I wanted and he was great at it as he started massaging my prostate and inner space wonderfully till I couldn’t take it anymore and begged him to stuff me with his 8″ cock. Ever since, I’m swinging on both ends and I’m happy I did it. That made me more experimented as Fucker, yet I’m enjoying being Fucked hard a lot and also had a great influence on my sexual life with my wife. The feeling of having your prostate massaged either with fingers or even better with a stiff hard cock cant be described. It’s one of the best feeling one can ever have. I thank you for the wonderful site and for all the info and inputs that it contains. bodyandsoul

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  1. Im a MWM in mid forties. My sex life with my wife is regular but rather pedestrian. About a year ago I discovered that my self gratification is enhanced with some anal stimulation. I started with fingers and enema tips and eventually progressed to larger objects. I can now easily take butt plugs, normal sized dildos and vibrators. Hence my dilemma. To be frank, I dont find men attractive in that way. I have no desire for a boy friend, a relationship or to anything remotely similar to romance with another man. I will however admit to a curiosity and desire to find out what it feels like to have a real dick up my ass. What does THAT feel like? Can you feel it when they cum in you? I would love to find out. Not sure what this makes me or says about me but there it is.

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