a single Holy Book

That is the single biggest question one has to deal with in the Greco-Roman faith. We don’t have a single Holy Book to dictate out actions. However, we do have three thousand years of history, myth, and tradition. So stepping back and taking in that, what do the gods want of you? Well, that’s simple.

They want you to kick ass.

Arete. Excellence. Mediocrity is not an option. The world is giving you shit? Punch ‘em in the face. Do you have a skill you’re damn good at? Then don’t accept good. Take that skill and say ‘I’m going to be AWESOME.’ Does something scare you? Laugh at it. WWZD. What Would Zeus Do? Punch it in the face. Or Herakles, or countless other gods and demigods. The meek don’t inherit the Earth in our way of life. We have the audacity to carve our names into the living rock and say I WAS HERE. We don’t quit. We don’t accept second place. We endure. The gods love mortals who do great things. So what is our chief commandment? Be awesome. Chase greatness, and through it, may you find Elysium. Source

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