a friend for masturbation

I am a daily penis masturbator and I love it. I am a well-respected 65 year old man with a good job and many friends. I don’t know if any of them know that every morning I push down my pants and masturbate for 3 or 4 hours but some of them may suspect that I am a compulsive penis masturbator.

Have you got a friend for masturbation, Please tell us about your experience. Leave a reply below

2 thoughts on “a friend for masturbation

  1. I also masturbate EVERY chance I get! I have a newspaper fetish. Anytime I see a mature man holding or reading his newspaper, I get hard and have to find a place to shoot my load! I collect pictures of mature men with their newspapers. Sounds odd, but it’s an everyday thing for me!
    I fantasize being in the newspaper in a man’s hands! I see the pictures in their newspapers, getting bent and folded. And I so want to be in there, getting the same treatment! I am hard, gotta go…

  2. if a friend joins you for masturbation, you cannot technically call it masturbation. Here in the UK we simply call it sexological bodywork

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