A Guide To Tantric Cocksucking

Look directly into his eyes and breath deeply. Gradually move your eyes down his body. When you arrive at his cock kneel down and get yourself right beside it. Look directly into his eyes and tell him how beautiful his cock is. Tell him how much you want that in your hungry mouth. Rub the tops of his legs very firmly as you breathe deeply on his cock. Stick your tongue out and beg. Please is a really good word. Lick gently all over his manhood. Keep rubbing the energy at the tops of his legs. Let your hands dance. Come on push that fucking energy all over his body. Suddenly plunge your mouth towards his cock, without actually touching it. Slowly bring your lips toward  his almighty member and as if your lips are 1 hundred thousands angel, give his cock the most gentle mouth congress. Tighten your lips, DO NOT USE YOUR TEETH! Now take your mouth, his cock and all the tantric energy energy that goes with that combination on a journey. On an adventure. Don’t be boring. The object is not to take too much cock in your mouth, the object is to pleasure your mouth. Always cover your teeth with your lips. Keep telling yourself how wonderful you feel with that magnificent cock in your mouth. Heavenly!

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