3 questions for experienced cocksuckers

I’m a very happily married male with a sudden passion to feel the sensation of a another mans hard cock fucking my mouth. I usually masturbate with a banana in my mouth and can take 9 inches without gagging. I have sat upside down with legs above my head and shot my load on and in my mouth and enjoyed my sweet semen. I’m tired of my cum and want another mans cock now. I’ve read a bunch of stories hear and have to say, I’m glad I’m not alone.

My questions for you you more experienced cocksuckers is this.

How do you let someone know you want to suck him off?

Where do you go to shop for cocks?

What success rate do you have with your technique?

I’ll answer any offers. Just be patient with me, OK??? wannatrysumcummale50

2 thoughts on “3 questions for experienced cocksuckers

  1. Straight 33 hairy…i have all the feelings of wanting to suck another man or be sucked…where to turn or where to go is a mystery ….any ideas?

  2. I feel exacly the same. 53 y. Never sucked cock. Married. Children. Very in love with my beautiful wife. I worship her pussy. But I long for cock. Just one time. But I dont know who to approuch. It feels if it is only me having this urge. Im from SA. Men here are very conservative and I think, pinching the cat in the dark. I wish I lived in the UK. It would have been great. I would have suck cock every day, 5 times a day. Im missing out.

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