3 Circle Adorabear-ish

Hi Seb, Can you let me know when the next three circles is taking place. Very interested.

I live in Galway Ireland and have found the conscious path in the last few years. Not much of a conscious or tantra gay awareness in Galway, ireland.  Do you know where I might meet other guys looking for conscious play. I’m 37, tall, masculine, adorabear-ish. Thanks

3 thoughts on “3 Circle Adorabear-ish

    1. Ooooooooohhhhhh how could you put such a wonderful dish that is all dressed in presentation, before you show to me the bare essential that makes up this beautiful eye catching dessert. Can you get the pictures of this man in his birthday suit? I have been seeking such photo jems! This a challenge for you! Do you except? Because you can just look at him and understand why I would crave such a fantastic dessert from a rare and classic time!!!! Except the challenge, I know you can find what I ask of you, for you are very resourceful and very capable. May the force be with you!

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